Pedicure in Jodhpur

10 March


A pedicure is a beauty treatment for the feet and legs. You can also practice pedicure at home or avail this beauty treatment at a spa. Even for pedicure there are different pedicure treatments you can opt from to boost personal care.

Benefits of pedicure:

Pedicure is not just a beauty treatment and is important to prevent nail disorders and diseases. The same treatment applies to the toenails like the fingernails, but while getting a pedicure, the sole of the feet are scrubbed with a pumice to prevent build-up of dead cells. A pedicure also implies massaging of the legs and moisturising it with lotions. Pedicure treatment: Even for pedicures, there are different beauty treatments to maintain the hygiene and growth of the toenails.

Care : A pedicure takes care of ingrown nails, brittle nails and prevents build-up of germs. Again we make sure that tools and supplies used are clean and sterile.

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